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What channels are available?

Explore the full list of available channels and categories below. Channels will be subject to change from time to time.

As of 8/03/24
Travel and Outdoor
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-110 GoUSA TV Our programming includes award-winning television series, feature-length documentaries, and popular shorts told from the diverse perspectives of real people across America. Our mix of programming exposes authentic USA experiences in all locations, showcasing the people, places, culture and activities that make travel in the United States truly distinct.
IP-111 OUTDOOR TV Outdoor Channel is all about REAL.LIFE.ADVENTURE. Loaded with a first run and exclusive combination of personality led, outdoor themed adventure, lifestyle, entertainment and wildlife programming.
IP-112 AWE Plus From travel secrets to fast cars, from culinary delights to fine cigars, boxing and much more. All-inviting, vicarious living at its finest regardless of economic status.
IP-113 Love Wine The first and unique channel to discover everything about wine. A full TRAVEL EXPERIENCE to enjoy visiting wineries from the living room.
IP-115 Autentic Travel From sea-level to snowy peaks, from the desert to the rainforest, from Argentina to Zambia... and everything in between. Autentic Travel will definitely inspire your next holiday destination. Presenting new landscapes and life of different nations, the documentaries cover many aspects from work, holidays, cooking, clothes, to local...
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-202 TIME TIME is one of the world's most trusted and followed news brands. Built on 100 years of unparalleled authority and global news coverage, TIME has an audience of more than 100 million people worldwide across our digital and print platforms. Our mission is to offer authoritative guidance for viewers by telling essential stories about the people and ideas that shape and improve the world. Our wide-ranging reporting and storytelling expertise in politics, world events, health, business, science, history, sports, entertainment, and more, is designed to inform and inspire our audience today and into the next century.
IP-203 Breaking News Channel Stay informed with the latest breaking news from around the world. Keep up-to-date on what’s happening near you, with stories from the world’s most trusted news outlets including ABC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, CNBC and Reuters.
IP-204 Euronews Since 1993, Euronews has been the leading international news media in Europe. Unapologetically impartial and independent, Euronews delivers different viewpoints. Euronews. Making sense of Europe.
IP-205 Ticker NEWS Programs and documentaries providing context to the news. TICKER NEWS provides a high quality news channel across an array of the world's largest premium platforms.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-250 Bloomberg TV+ News, political analysis, commentary, and more from the nation’s leading political commentators.
IP-253 DeFiance Media DeFiance celebrates mavericks, innovators and entrepreneurs whilst highlighting how they have defied all odds to achieve success.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-306 MyTime Movie Network MyTime is a free streaming channel dedicated to celebrating and entertaining women by offering female-led content.
IP-308 Infamous TV Infamous TV is a one-stop destination for intriguing stories that are Underworld, Under Suspicion, Offworld.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-321 Young Hollywood Discover the hottest new trends and watch exclusive interviews and awesome videos with all your favorite Young Hollywood celebrities. Whether you’re obsessed with music, TV, fashion, film, sports or lifestyle, we’ve got you covered!
IP-322 BEONDTV BEONDTV is celebrity interviews, travel, lifestyle, food and talk from your favorite content creators. It bridges the gap between old and new media with original content curated by Emmy award-winning journalists. BEONDTV is a certified minority female-owned company.
IP-323 Revolt Mixtape REVOLT Mixtape is the premier destination for hip hop content, celebrating Black Excellence with a curated lineup of fan-favorite shows from the REVOLT vault, short digital originals, and exclusive original series.
IP-324 Bright Side-English Bright Side features engaging narrated videos that showcase travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles and pop-culture.
IP-325 WeatherSpy A weather channel unlike any other. Explore our unpredictable planet through the exhilaration and impact of natural forces. Featuring unbelievable weather, wild-life, outdoor recreation and drone footage.
IP-326 La La Life The latest trends, comedy, and sounds - every moment has its music!
IP-327 5 Minutes Craft Top Life Hacks & Easy Crafts for Home, School and Office: Simplify Your Daily Routine With Us!
IP-328 FailArmy Failure is the only option. Binge the most epic fails from the worldwide leader in fails.
IP-329 Wonder The home of people who push the boundaries of human experiences, telling stories that will make you go wow!
IP-330 Real Crime Crime, justice, law and order... Real Crime is the perfect place to get your true crime fix! We've got all kinds of documentary content from killers to kidnappers, theft to fraud.
IP-331 INFAST Tells you real stories from around the world, featuring incredible content across lifestyle, entertainment, and sport.
IP-332 INTROUBLE Test your nerve with INTROUBLE, a whirlwind of action, excitement and thrilling sports related experiences.
IP-333 INWONDER Discover a unique perspective on science, technology, and everything in between with INWONDER.
IP-335 Smart Green Living Find everything from DIY furniture projects, organic gardening, green living, smart home tech, creating a more sustainable home, garden, and life and so much more. 
IP-340 Robot Wars by Mech+ A free streaming service featuring Robot Wars and Much More.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-360 Tastemade Featuring award-winning food and lifestyle programming designed to get you off the couch, the Tastemade streaming channel introduces audiences to new ideas, amazing people, and incredible places, empowering viewers to live their best life.
IP-361 LifeMinute.tv LifeMinute is your video guide to cool things in life. Music, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Movies, Celebrity Interviews, Home Entertaining, Health and Wellness tips and trends and so much more.
IP-362 Real Life Real Life offers a light touch slate of feel-good reality TV shows. Expect content on the trials and tribulations of the modern family, home renovations, DIY, food, health & well-being, travel, love and more.
IP-368 MHTN MHTN is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness, understanding, and support by providing mental health news & insights. We cover relatable life moments from viewers and therapist Interviews.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-373 CLUBBING TV Clubbing TV is the world’s first Lifestyle TV Channel dedicated to the Electronic Music Culture. It offers the best live events, DJ sets, lifestyle programs, music videos, party reports from the hottest dance floors, interviews with the most famous DJ & producers plus exclusive shows, festivals and concerts gravitating all over the international dance music scene.
IP-374 TraceUrban TRACE Urban is the first music channel exclusively dedicated to urban music and culture. The channel offers a unique approach to the urban world through the latest music videos, exclusive interviews with top celebrities plus unique magazines and documentaries.
IP-375 TraceLatina TRACE Latina is the ultimate premium channel entirely dedicated to Latin music and culture. TRACE Latina showcases the best of Latin Urban rhythms: Salsa, Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue, Samba, Batucada, Mambo, Rumba, Pop, Rap and many more. It brings you the essence of Latin culture with the best of music videos', interviews, concerts and documentaries.
IP-376 TraceBrazuca TRACE Brazuca is the #1 Music channel dedicated to the best urban music videos and content from Brazil. It gives a unique insight into Brazilian music and culture. It airs the most popular music genres, focusing on the latest in Funk, Rap, Samba, Pagode, and covers many aspects of the lusophone life.
IP-377 Qwest TV Qwest TV is Quincy Jones’ video streaming network celebrating Black & global music through premium documentaries, concerts, archive gems and interviews.
Binge TV
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-424 The Chatshow Channel The channel includes 18 seasons of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and 16 seasons of Chatty Man with Alan Carr, featuring interviews from the likes of Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Jay-Z.
IP-425 Deal or No Deal A channel dedicated to Deal or No Deal. Contestants must choose from 26 briefcases containing different sums of money, from 1 cent to one million. The remaining briefcases will be opened one by one while the player receives different offers in cash.
IP-426 The Biggest Loser A channel dedicated to The Biggest Loser. Overweight and obese individuals set out to transform their bodies and lives by participating in a competition to lose the most amount of weight and win a prize.
IP-427 Fear Factor A channel dedicated to Fear Factor. Telecast of the stunt action show wherein contenders compete with each other by performing a variety of stunts to win the coveted title.
IP-428 Wipeout Xtra A channel dedicated to Wipeout Xtra. The home of physical and exciting gameshows, where you can witness unexpected challenges.
IP-429 Cops The original reality ride-along series and pioneer of the unscripted television explosion, takes viewers coast to coast, on the front lines with the men and women of American law enforcement, where the action is visceral, unpredictable and as real as it gets.
IP-430 Jail From their initial arrival at the facility and interactions with corrections officers, through booking, fingerprinting and processing, JAIL chronicles the human drama of suspects adjusting to the harsh and sometimes bumpy reality of pretrial incarceration in America.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-489 Real Wild Real Wild offers the opportunity to explore the wonder of all things wild; exotic animals, remote landscapes, and breath-taking wilderness. Our documentaries will introduce you to the complexities of nature across the globe – fierce, fragile and remarkable. From lush rainforests to sparse deserts, from friendly pets to predatory sharks and lions.
IP-490 My Little Pet Day-to-Day pet channel.
IP-491 The Pet Collective Where Pets Rule. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online. Simply put, we think animals are the best ever.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-504 Baby SharkTV Sing and Dance with Baby Shark!
IP-505 Dennis and Gnasher The adventures of Dennis, his dog Gnasher, and their best friends JJ, Rubi and Pieface. The team cause havoc to Walter, Beanotown and Bash Street School, where all the rules go out the window.
IP-506 Cocobi Welcome to the COCOBI channel. Get ready for some fun Songs and Stories!
IP-507 Robocar POLI It's never a dull day in Broomstown with the Robocar Poli Rescue Team protecting the beautiful town's vehicles and citizens from all sorts of dangers.
IP-508 Kongsuni For five year-old Kongsuni life is one big, beautiful adventure. Whether it's at home, in school or on the playground, everyday experiences have a way of becoming exceptional when this little girl is around!
IP-509 TOBOT Tobot is an animated television series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series features transforming cars and some of them are designed after Kia Motors vehicles.
IP-510 TeenVee-Italian Tobot is an animated television series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series features transforming cars and some of them are designed after Kia Motors vehicles.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-521 123GO School, DIY, life hacks, pranks, beauty tips, myth busting, comedy and much, much more!
IP-522 Brat TV Welcome to Brat TV! Tune in to original shows from all your favorite creators.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-581 People Are Awesome The number one destination for amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-610 Bloomberg Originals Bloomberg Originals offers bold takes for curious minds on today’s biggest topics. Hosted by experts covering stories you haven’t seen and viewpoints you haven’t heard, you’ll discover cinematic, data-led shows that investigate the intersection of business and culture. Exploring every angle of climate change, technology, finance, sports and beyond, Bloomberg Originals, is business as you’ve never seen it.
IP-611 Autentic History The conflicts and major historical events that have shaped mankind and our contemporary world. Witness the race to create new weapons during World War II. Learn about the tragedies and triumphs of immigration in the 19th century, the Vatican's unique moment in history, the brutal regimes of Idi Amin Dada and Augusto Pinochet, and the lives of aviation pioneers like Claude Dornier. A refreshingly unbiased and in-depth look at history.
IP-612 Adventure Earth Adventure Earth is dedicated to the unique beauty of our planet and offers high-quality documentaries on wildlife and nature. It has a captivating collection of documentaries that showcases the diverse wonders of our planet, bringing to light the hidden treasures and astonishing spectacles that often go unnoticed.
IP-619 Earthtouch EARTH TOUCH TV is a high-quality wildlife channel that touches the Earth in an emotive way bringing you the very best of the animal kingdom and a snapshot of our breath-taking planet every hour, every day, in all seasons. We aim to bring our audiences close contact with nature and share our deep knowledge through entertainment. EARTH TOUCH TV abounds with visceral, stunning landscapes and heart-pounding action.
IP-620 Waterbear WaterBear showcases award-winning shorts, feature documentaries and impactful series as well as original content about our ever-evolving world, covering biodiversity, community, climate action, sustainable fashion and so much more.
IP-621 Real Stories The channel features Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA winners, showcases world-class investigative journalism, contains captivating true-crime stories as well as medical miracles, ventures inside hidden worlds, meets some of the planet’s most idiosyncratic people, and takes viewers to countries ranging from Afghanistan to North Korea to Iraq.
IP-622 History Hit Timeline is proving that history is just as exciting as the future. Whether you’re mad about machinery or destined for discovery, we cover a vast array of content exploring the discoveries and stories which shaped our world today.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-650 FLOU Cine The first FAST channel focused on 1st and 2nd generation Hispanics in the US and beyond that look for content made by them for them in Spanish and English.
IP-651 FLOUCARIBE The channel where people of Hispanic Caribbean descent find the best programming, music, fashion and many more segments created by and for Latinos, that go "a tu ritmo".
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-702 FIFA+ FIFA+ is your one-stop shop for streaming live and on-demand soccer content from around the world.
IP-704 MMA TV Provides a comprehensive coverage of mixed martial arts.
IP-705 PAC12 Pac-12 Insider is your home for FREE sports from the Conference of Champions! Watch up to 100 live events, exclusive shows with inside takes so you never miss a beat, classic encores from your favorite sports and behind-the-scenes stories that showcase the heart and soul of Pac-12 student-athletes, coaches and legends.
IP-706 PGA TOUR Home of official PGA TOUR news, stats, video, player profiles and tournament information.
IP-710 Strongman Champions League The Strongman Champions League is the premiere and largest international Strongman competition. A complete series of 16 competitions per year, played out all over the world.
IP-720 MTRSPORT1 MTRSPT1 is LIVE SPORTS channel featuring premium motorsports programming.
IP-725 World Billards Hosts the largest collection of billiard, pool and cue sports matches.
IP-730 SportsGrid SportsGrid is the first and only 24-hour sports wagering destination providing 18 hours of exclusive original programming hosted by a team of on-air personalities, sports betting experts, and guest contributors. The network features reporting and analytic platform includes daily odds, lines, matchups, injury reports, statistics, news, and more across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college sports, golf, tennis, and soccer.
IP-740 Sports News Highlights Sports News Highlights is a sports news and highlights channel. It covers highlights and headlines from the vast universe of sports. Not only do we keep you up to date on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, we also follow NCAA athletics, PGA, Motorsports, Soccer, and much more.
IP-741 Trace Stars TRACE Sport Stars is the first channel exclusively dedicated to sports celebrities. TRACE Sport Stars gives unique behind-the-scenes access to athletes, offering an intimate and in-depth understanding of their lives. TRACE Sport Stars combines sports celebrity profiles, magazine and reality programming with news and gossip shows giving viewers the opportunity to discover champions, as they have never seen them before.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-750 AVL: AfreecaTV Valorant League AfreecaTV VALORANT LEAGUE is a CS:GO tournament will take place in an offline format. Teams will be playing in the same room or arena.
Brand Channel No. Channel Name Description
IP-800 New K-Movies K-Movies. Korean Movies.
IP-801 SBS K-drama K-Drama. Seoul Broadcasting System.
IP-802 Bride of the Century K-Drama.The Choi family is cursed that the first bride of their eldest son will always die and just a day before his wedding, Choi Kang-joo's bride disappears mysteriously.
IP-803 Lovers of the Red Sky K-Drama. Hong Chun Gi, the first female painter at the Dohwaseo Academy, leads a promising life towards a bright future. Things change when she falls for Ha Ram, a mysterious, visually-impaired soldier.
IP-804 My Secret Romance K-Drama. Yoo-mi is devastated to learn that her new employer is the man she once had an illicit affair with. Things get tough for her when he takes revenge on her for disappearing the next morning.
IP-805 Beyond Evil K-Drama. As a killing resembling a cold case resurfaces in a small town, the chase for the truth falls on two policemen who each harbour secrets of their own.
IP-806 Running Man K-Variety. An “urban action variety” show where celebrity contestants take part and try to complete a series of missions in order to win the ultimate title and avoid punishments.
IP-807 Pinocchio K-Drama. Dal-po, a man whose family was ruined by a news channel, and In-ha, his friend who has the Pinocchio Syndrome forbidding her from speaking lies, become journalists and strive to fight for justice.
IP-808 The Legend of the Blue Sea K-Drama. Despite being poor, a bright girl transfers to an exclusive high school meant only for the elites. Here, she crosses paths with four of the richest boys and falls in love with one of them.
IP-809 Still 17 K-Drama. Woo Seo Ri is a violinist who wakes up from her coma after 17 years. She adjusts to her new surroundings and suddenly meets Gong Woo Jin, a man whose trauma makes him reluctant to fall in love.
IP-810 The Heirs K-Drama. A young couple, belonging to families with contrasting backgrounds, must navigate through various societal restrictions and fight against the norms held up by the chaebol families.
IP-811 K-DRAMA by MBC K-Drama from Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.
IP-812 Agency K-Drama. A self-made executive navigates the cutthroat world of advertising to become the head of her agency.
IP-813 Goodbye Mr. Black K-Drama. After finding out about his best friend's betrayal, a man decides to take revenge. In pursuit of this, he disguises himself as a man married to a young woman. However, he ends up falling in love.
IP-814 K-POPCORN K-Entertainment. We provide Korean movies, series, and performance video.
IP-820 SBS Inkigayo K-Music. Inkigayo is a South Korean music program broadcast channel.
IP-821 YG TV K-Music. A channel launched with the YG Entertainment talent agency that is responsible for K-pop acts including Blackpink, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Winner.
IP-822 Show Champion K-Music. South Korean music television program broadcast
IP-823 Weekly Idol K-Music. For all K-POP fans around the world, Weekly Idol invites a different K-POP idol group every week to its studio to know all about them through a variety of games and special talks sessions.
IP-824 @K-MUSIC K-Music.
IP-825 ROMCOM K-Drama Korean Romantic Comedies
IP-826 Essential A channel dedicated to electronic music, you can find music that relaxes you or to create a party environment in the company of your friends and family.
IP-830 We Play K-Variety. We Play is an action-adventure all-time variety show where the cast members accidentally log in and enjoy Augmented Reality games.
IP-831 K-STAR GOLF K-Variety.
IP-840 Refresh my Soul CBS K-Religion.
IP-850 JTBC NEWS K-News. JTBC Newsroom is the flagship nightly newscast of South Korean television network JTBC.
IP-851 YTN K-News. YTN is the first 24-hour Korean news channel to be broadcast throughout South Korea. YTN originally stands for Yonhap Television News.

*Internet connection will be required to access the LG Channels. Internet usage charges and conditions apply. Channels are subject to change at any time without notice. Some channels may be ad-supported.